Choir 'Blago"

“Blago” meaning "good","the best", "happiness".The choir “Blago” has existed for more than two years and carries out numerous creative activities as a part of the cultural and educational centre,  “Istoki”. The choir master, Hristina Barsuk' is a professional conductor, who studied music in Moscow. Apart from conducting, Hristina has a high pitch soprano and is a lead singer in the choir. The choir consists of eight members. Bass - Basil Tolmachev and Daniel Kislyakov, Tenor - Olga Egorova and Ekaterina Svyatitskaya, Alto - Anna Donets and Bran Svetlana, Soprano - Eugene Demidova and Hristina Barsuk. The repertoire of the choir consists of religious, Russian folk, lyrical and patriotic offferings. «Blago» sings about faith, honour, friendship and love. Appreciating the strength of the influence of singing culture in the modern world, members of “Blago” as a choir, aspire to take part in various cultural events in Melbourne.