“Kalinka” Russian Dance Ensemble

Kalinka was formed in 1991 and since then has delighted audiences with its vibrant, colourful and energetic Russian dance performances. It is not surprising that Kalinka has won many Ethnofest competitions and is asked to perform at festivals, corporate functions, commercial promotions and cultural events. Kalinka has been promoting an awareness of Russian Culture in Australia for the past 21 years and still continues to do so today under the directorship of Luba Baksheev, their teacher, mentor and choreographer. Kalinka is a group of young adults with dance experience. They gather weekly for an open Russian character class. Some of Kalinka's previous performances have been at the Arts Centre, International Festival Melbourne, Moomba, The Concert Hall, Melbourne Art Gallery Great Hall, Albury Arts Centre, Geelong Paco Festival and many other venues.