Rodyna ensemble

Rodyna is an ensemble based in Melbourne, Australia whose repertoire is mainly made of Ukrainian traditional songs. The name ‘Rodyna’ is a Ukrainian word meaning ‘extended family’. As quite a few Rodyna’s members belong to one extended family, this was the inspiration for the ensemble’s name. Rodyna’s members are of Ukrainian descent, however the majority of them were born and spent considerable parts of their lives in various parts of former Yugoslavia and moved to Australia over last 20 years. As a result of that Rodyna also performs traditional musical pieces from the Balkan region.  
The ensemble commenced performing in public in the year 2010 and was welcomed and supported by the Ukrainian community as well as others. Enthusiasm and hard work of Rodyna’s members resulted in invitations to take part at various events across Australia.
Rodyna operates under the musical directorship of Mr Miroslav Granolic.