Folk band Carousel

Carousel is a folk band from Melbourne that sing traditional Russian, Ukrainian and Cossack songs at the fairs, festivals, veterans’ concerts and other cultural or celebratory events or just for friends. With their bright smiles and colourful costumes, clear voices - straight from the heart - and a genuine passion for singing, girls have all essential ingredients to create a wonderful atmosphere that more than celebrates life at their performances.
Ekaterina Pekarina from Omsk, Ekaterina Eddy from Ekaterinburg, Lara Khenner from Perm, Polina Lagutina and Annette Kovaleva from Novosibirsk, Alyona Vedernikova from Barnaul , Svetlana Gelbak from Kiev, Marina Virtser from Semipalatinsk , Daria Savina from Sankt Petersburg ,Zhenya Mironova from Ryazan. Visit out page